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Our Solutions

At Red Advertising we take a very flexible approach to the solutions we offer and will tailor a solution to your precise requirements.

Our primary advertising formats offered can be taken on an individual basis or as a combination. What's important to us is that we ensure that the solution is right for your needs and delivers the maximum return on your investment possible.

Network Job Listing

A Job listing would appear in our results like this:

Candidates viewing this job would be taken to your own jobsite for processing. Network job listings can be purchased on a set PPC cost basis, on a set fixed cost per job basis or as part of a monthly fixed cost agreement.

The job listing provides enough information for the job seeker to make an informed choice if they wish to explore the job further hence reducing click through wastage from unsuitable candidates.

Featured links

A Featured Link listing in a primary position at the start of the results will increase the amount of candidate traffic we send you. These listings contain your company logo and chosen text. They provide exceptional brand exposure and drive a high volume of targeted job seekers to specific pages on your website.
These listings can be purchased on a PPC basis at a fixed click rate according to the position in our results table that you require. The position is guaranteed for the advertising period or traffic volume you select.

Featured Link listings are powered by our Advanced Semantic Keyword Technology. For example if you wish to target "Accountancy jobs" our technology would enable you to feature your links against related keywords such as "Accountant",  "Accounting", "ACCA Qualified", "Chartered Accountant" etc ensuring the maximum exposure to your target audiance. 

Sector Sponsorship

A Sector Sponsorship listing is a way to provide exposure to your website via text based information and links as per your requirements near the start of the network job listing results. At a discounted price we feature your job board website in prime positions throughout an entire industry sector. This option provides superb exposure to the candidates that you need.

These listings can be purchased on a PPC or fixed click cost basis but availability is limited.

Featured Client

Promotion of your job board and branding would feature in rotation on the home page's of our network websites. In addition we also feature your job board down the right hand side of applicable job search results and Industry sectors. These listings provide you with increased exposure to job seekers, making them fully aware of your job board and brand in dominant positioning.    

Featured client promotions can take candidates directly to your own website, to specific jobs or to designated web pages as required. These Featured Client spots are sold on a fixed cost per calendar month basis.

Pay per Application (PPA) & Pay per Registration Options

At Red we aim to deliver the widest range of solutions possible. In addition to our Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions, we can also provide package deals based on a pay per application (PPA) or pay per registration basis. We can set up arrangements where we only charge you just for the applications you have recieved or just for the specific candidates that we register directly onto your job board database. Our cost per Application and cost per Registration rates are based on the volume you require. Please call us on 0845 60 00 550 to discuss your requirements. 

Banner and Button Options

A range of different banner promotions are available which can feature on applicable network site home pages and on industry sector results pages. Banner space is sold on a fixed cost per month basis. All banner and button sizes can be supported.  

Jobs By Email / Newsletter Promotion (Included Free Of Charge)

For all customers that sign up to our facilities we automatically include and promote your jobs and your brand via our jobs by email service. We also issue periodic newsletters to registered jobseekers and will make every endeavour to ensure your business receives the maximum exposure. We currently have in excess of 600,000 candidates registered for job by email.

Custom made individual promotions are also available on request where we can carry your marketing message to a specific candidate type audiance by email, please call us if you have any special requirements.

Other Specials

Combination arrangements and alternative requests can also be considered. We can also build and feature micro websites within our network and are open to any special arrangements. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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