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Partner Terms and Conditions

We value the affiliate partners that work alongside us but as online media company working with some of the UKs top brands its essential that our affiliate partners operate to the highest standards.  These are our standard terms and conditions.

Affiliate Partners

1. These terms and conditions apply to all use and distribution of our content data available within our three affiliate “Publisher Options”:-

a) Jobs Widget

b) Search Box

c) RSS / XML Feeds

Your rights to publish our content are limited to those set out in these terms. By downloading content from our “Publisher Options” or incorporating any of our content within a web page, or otherwise dealing with / publishing our content in any other way, you agree to be bound by these terms.


2. You must complete and submit our Registration Form to us in order to use any of our publisher options. Registration is simple to do and is required in order for us to be aware of where our content is being displayed.

2.1 You do not need to complete part (B) of the Registration form if you are happy to carry content on your website for your visitors on a free issue basis.

2.2 If you wish to earn revenue from visitor traffic sent to our advertisers you need to complete part (B) of the registration form in order for you to be accepted for payment issues.

2.3 If you are looking to partner with us using our publishing option c)  RSS/ XML Feeds in respect of a full data dump, please note that you will not have access to a full data stream of over 50 Jobs until your application has been verified and you have been accepted as a premium partner.

2.4 We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or remove an affiliate partner from this facility at any time without notice where they are found to be in breach of our terms and conditions.

3. Our Publisher options provide software source code ('Code') intended to be incorporated in a third party host web page, and with the functionality of displaying a selection of available job opportunities or search box options for Job seeking visitors.

4. You may incorporate our content into your own web page, provided that:

a. You do not change the code, other than where the Code itself expressly states that changes are permitted

b. You do not distribute the Code to any third party, other than by making available for public viewing on a webpage which incorporates it

c. You must not display or use our content in a way which might have the effect of harming our reputation or our business, or of diverting business away from us, or in connection with any business which competes with ours.

5. All copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights of our publish options and in respect of the associated source code remain the property of Red Advertising Ltd.

6. Further Support for registered affiliates is available from us. We operate an open door policy if you need to discuss any aspect of becoming a Red Advertising Affiliate – Contact Us

7. If you wish register your use of our “publisher options” in order to receive payments in respect of all genuine unique visitors originating from your website then, additional terms will apply.

8. as far as is legally permitted we disclaim all liability which may arise in connection with one of our “Publisher Options” or by the use of our content by you.

9. Either you or we may give the other notice to terminate this agreement at any time with immediate effect; on termination you will promptly remove the Code and the Widget from any web pages in which you have incorporated them.

10. We have the right to modify these Terms at any time by notice to you.

11. Notice may be given by us to you at any email address provided by you, or (at our option) addressed to 'webmaster@' followed by the domain name of any website hosting a Widget. Notices to us may be sent to us using the email form on our contact us page.

12. These terms are governed by English law, and the Courts of England shall have sole jurisdiction in all matters arising.

The following additional terms apply where you have registered your use of our publisher options with a view to receiving payment in respect of all genuine unique users originating from your website:

A1 A 'Unique User' is a genuine individual jobseeker in good faith that clicks on a link through to an advertised Job. We will only pay per unique verified user that is sent.

A2 You will become entitled to payment from us of the Fee per genuine Unique User. For the avoidance of doubt, you are not entitled to payment in respect visitor clicks which we have reason to believe are not initiated by an individual jobseeker acting in good faith.

A3 Fees to which you have become entitled will be accumulated, and you can request from your account for a payment to be made to you at the end of any given month for the click revenue accumulated to that given date.

A4. Payment of Affiliate accounts are made within 45 days of payment request. We will make payment to you to your registered address of all Fees to which you have become entitled to and which have not previously been paid to you.

A5 All Fees are VAT inclusive.

A6 If we notify you that we operate a VAT Self-Billing Arrangement approved by HM Revenue & Customs, you will cooperate with such arrangement and you will not yourselves generate or issue a VAT invoice in connection with payments we may make to you. We will email you a VAT invoice each time a payment is made to you and it is your responsibility to include that within your VAT outputs. You must advise us promptly if you cease to be registered for VAT.

A7 We reserve the right to change the Fee and the Payment Level at any time by notice to you.

A8 We reserve the right to reduce or refuse payment of claims for affiliate clicks payments that are found or suspected of being bogus or which are found to have an un-naturally high click bounce rate or where we suspect any of the clicks are not from genuine job seekers . Our Decision is final.

Affiliates should note that we actively support affiliates that work with us who have a genuine desire to increase earnings and operate their accounts correctly. Many affiliate partners enjoy high levels of remuneration whilst working in partnership with us and we very much welcome long term arrangements.

As an online media company, working alongside some of the leading UK brands, affiliates will appreciate that we have to perform to high standards to our clients and that is why we operate a strict but fair system to ensure that our scheme is not abused or damaged by affiliates not meeting our standard guidelines.

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